Team building

All job ads include an essential requirement: team spirit!

All CV’s includes affirmations like: adaptable, flexible, team player, team spirit, i’m accommodating fast….etc

The conclusion? It should be only efficient teams, isn’t it? However…….

Team Spirit can be learned! It is a skill that can be acquired. That’s why, the right order could be: first team learning and then teambuilding. Which means that, we must learn first, what team-dynamics are, and only afterwards, together, we can start building  the functional team.

All team learning/teambuilding activities organized by us in the past years, were designed, based on the 5 indicators that measures the team effectiveness:

Definition of common goal

Assigning roles and responsibilities

Team-operating system

Relationships between team members

Relationships with other teams

To us, such un event is schedule-free : starts when people gather and it ends when we all go home! Together, we can choose the most adequate indoor/outdoor activities, and believe-us  : there are a lot of options!

If you wish : atv, paintball, carting, archery, trap-ball, hang-glider flight, bungee-jumping etc, it can be done. But, we could name it groupentertainment instead of teambuilding!