Soft Skills

The  Soft Skills Programs are very actual or ,,fancy,, in these days.

No matter what we do to make a living, there is an universal job : The Job to Live! (see the journal of Cesare Pavese). And this ,,job,, can be learned, or, at least, you can develop skills and manifest attitudes that will help you to do this ,,job,, better!

Together with and for our valuable clients, we have developed and sustained , programs such as:

Undress Your Stress – Stress management

Communication Abilities – Do I communicate, or just talk and listen? ( also in a telephone-call)

Relationship Management – How to generate productive relationships?

Impact Presentations

Conflict management

Business writing – business writing does not have to be dry!

Life Balance – we named this module Life Management

Time management – what a title – as if you could do such thing; we  also named it:  Time – Enforce it to have more!

PSDM – Problem Solving and Decision Making – it was sustained also as individual modules

Professional Executive Assistant – we were thinking at  an essential function to any organisation;  I believe we already, have 10 years since we run this program!

T3 – Train The Trainer:  what can we do, we were thinking to support the competition; the most interesting modules are for intern trainers!

We have detailed descriptions  for every module. Call us and we will send them to you.