We started with sales training. Out of passion for this job. Most of us started as Sales Rep. on the field, with target and a boss who had no idea what selling is (now there’s no such thing), and we managed to get trough.

If there is a field were we never failed in all these years, this is sales training. Why? We guessed it, but our clients said that: we are hard-headed, practical, motivating,  with ,,field-flavour,,(quoting a distribution partner), humor, facility and we don’t give recipies and verdicts etc.

The most important thing is that in the end of our programs, the participants DON’T get that feeling: ok. I liked it, I felt realy good, but what should I do from now on? SPECIFICALY!

Individual action plans, after you pass trough a sales course with us, have a few lines and usually 2-3 points. And are ASSUMED, not required!

The most appreciated selling programs sustained by us in the past two years were:

Facilitating the buying decision (including for telesales)

Value Added Sales


Relationship Management in Sales

Managing Third Party Sales

Showroom selling in banking

Showroom selling in Automotive

Customer Experience in Banking

Excellence in Customer Service

Customer Service by  telephone

SALES Management

Counting trough business fields where we had developed selling projects:  Automotive, Banking, Construction Materials, Distribution, Retail, Insurance, Telecom, Pharma,

An  list of clients and referrals is at your disposal!