4.The Professional Executive Assistant

This is a practical guide to enable you to take initiative, manage yourself and develop your job. Professional development requires a set of aptitudes which any executive secretary will need to upgrade in her career prospects and recognize as critical cornerstones for progress: self-management skills, systematic thinking skills, assertiveness and interpersonal skills.

Your benefits:

Developing awareness of your own and your company’s values – an introduction to strategic thinking
Become more productive through the priority management system
Control chaos and panic in the office by applying your organizational skills
Manage multiple tasks, demands and projects with a proactive approach
Eliminate bottle necks and miscommunication by using problem solving and decision making approach
Increase your ability to initiate, take authority and develop you interpersonal skills

Who should attend:

Executive secretaries and assistants with or without experience. They will have fully mastered the technical requirements of their role and who wish to increase their effectiveness and value to their manager and organization and at the same time enhance their own personal job satisfaction and growth.


April 2013: 25-26

May 2013: 23-24

June 2013: 20-21

Trainer: Monica Tutuianu

Value of the program: 180 euro (vat included); 290 euro (includes vat and final competency assessment and diploma issued by ANC – former CNFPA)

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