About us

The company was established in 2000, as a franchise of Tack Worldwide, being specialized in a wide range of training programs  in  fields such as: SALES, MANAGEMENT, SOFTSKILLS & TEAMBUILDING.

At the beginning of 2005 a process of redefinition and rebranding took place resulting The People Tuning Company.

All our instructors/lecturers/trainers & associates are experienced managers in their fields, which is a warranty offered to our customers for the efficiency and professionalism of our activity. Our belief is that we can not deliver an efficient & convincing program, if we leak the experience, practice and drive.

Our Training Philosophy

All our programs are developed by professionals, and comply to national & international standards. Our approach is based on the judgment that in an always competing environment, THE PROFESSIONAL ATTITUDE makes the difference. An individual with a positive & “I CAN” attitude will succeed more easily and efficiently in practice, unlike the one with no motivation for personal achievement/success.
You will see an approach that is pragmatic and practical for daily activity, which gives a better understanding for the trainees of the purely academical or technical theories.

The training programs are short and specific, comprised of a combination of tutorials, case studies, questionnaires and simulations of the real activity.  Interactivity occupies a leading role in our programs, all our trainees having a proactive role in the development of the courses. We trust that training will be successful only if utmost importance is equally given to the four parts  of the training cycle : research – preparation – delivery – change.

Our Values
We aim for the most exacting standards in everything we do, and we aim to do only those things where these standards can be achieved
Mutual Benefit
We aim for performance improvement for our delegates, cost effective training investment for our client companies, and personal job satisfaction for our own personnel. We strive for long term relationships.
We aim to teach only what is relevant and only what we know to be effective in practice
We aim to use all our resources to the full, to minimize waste and to assist our clients to do the same.
We aim to help delegates to reach the highest levels of ability, expertise and ethics in their work; and we aim to operate our own services to the same very highest levels

If someone ask us what we do  different from others?  We respond without thinking too much: maybe NOTHING! Instead, we get things done, not because WHAT we do, but because HOW we do it.

We don’t have TRAINEES! Instead, we have PARTNERS, INTERLOCUTORS. Our role is to facilitate a pleasant and efficient experience, from which, our partners become more motivated.

Our MOTTO is Clever.Or Never! The good news is that we could all have access to Clever!

So please consider this; If you are representing an organization and you travel trough this site, we tell you just that: call us for a free demo (3-4 hours) on a topic chosen by you and see us in action. Don’t think that we didn’t have demos were we screwed up. It’s true, there were very few . We learned from it, and it did not happen again.

We are Not GURU or Top SPEAKERS, we are Trainers with practical experience in business and in training.

We don’t know what you could learn from us. What we can do is to share with you our mistakes, succes and to discover togheter how YOU could become BETTER!

In other words, ,,tuning,, your personal image!

The question is : WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE BETTER ?